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Feeling stressed? Do a Downward Dog at Your Desk

Are you living a sedentary life? Do you sit down on your way to work, sit at a desk all day long, sit on your commute home, sit down for dinner and then proceed to sit on the couch to watch TV or browse the internet before you get back into bed?

If this sounds like you, it’s time to start practising chair yoga. Chair yoga can help you feel better, sleep better, eat better and have more focus, energy and stamina and can be done anywhere at any time. Get started today with this simple downward dog variation.

Chair Yoga

Downward Dog Arms

A downward dog a day keeps the doctor away! As well as working your upper body and shoulders this can be an incredibly helpful pose to try when you need a breather, feel a little stressed, want a little blood flow to the brain, or need a moment to yourself.


Many of us barely have time to eat breakfast each morning, but the next time you sit down somewhere, just think: you might as well perform your downward dog right there. Here’s how:

  1. While seated at a desk or table, move the chair back far enough so you can lengthen your arms to the desk or table with only your palms flat on the surface. Make sure your arms are shoulder width apart.
  2. Press firmly into your palms as you let the upper body sway toward the floor. Keep the ribs drawn toward one another and the abdominals engaged.
  3. Hold this downward dog desk variation for ten breaths.

chair yogaChair Yoga is the perfect solution for anyone who sitting in a chair for extended periods of time. It includes 100 yoga poses and exercises that can be done in your chair and take just minutes a day.