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New Year, New You Books for a Healthier, Happier 2017

The start of a new year always makes us think about how we can make positives changes in our lives. Whether you want to improve your health, fitness or happiness (or all three!), these are just some of our books to help you achieve your goals.


Health and Fitness for Mummies


The Stay Strong Mummy Fitness Plan is a unique, 4-week guide to becoming a healthier, leaner and stronger mum. If you are exhausted, frazzled and worn out then this inspirational guide is here to help. Written by Kimberley Welman and Victoria Reihana, the two mummies behind the online parents’ support forum and blog ‘Stay Strong Mummy’, this is a realistic plan to help you look after yourself while you look after your little ones.


With so much conflicting information available on health, weight loss and fitness, many people are left confused about the basics of a healthy diet and a maintainable exercise regime. This book is specifically designed to help cut through all the noise – to give busy mums the essential tools they need to enhance their fitness, health and happiness.  It includes specific workouts that you can perform in the comfort of your own home ­– or even on the go – with little to no equipment (kids make great weights!), and a nutritional plan that is achievable on a tight budget. You won’t need to be a master chef, either. Their plan is a cost- and time-effective solution to health, fitness and personal success. Kimberley and Vicky are two busy mothers who have a combined parenting experience of over 20 years, and offer different perspectives, experiences and hard-earned wisdom – and perhaps most importantly, they get what it’s like to be a mum.


The Quickest, most Convenient Yoga Routines – you don’t even need to get out of your chair!


Chair Yoga is the answer to all those headlines that say sitting is the new smoking. If you spend too long sitting down in your daily life, this book might just become your bible. While we’d all love to get out of our chairs and exercise more, often that simply isn’t possible. Rather than encouraging people to get out of their office and practice yoga, Chair Yoga demonstrates simple ways in which to bring this beneficial stretching, exercise and meditative practice to the work space.



Many of us are slowly decreasing our vitality from being in a sitting posture for far too many hours a day. The simple breath techniques and focused exercises and movements in this book – all fully illustrated – can quickly restore balance and focus, and allow you to regain a sense of well-being in just a few minutes. What a great way to manage the stress of office life!


How to Achieve Freedom from Bad Habits, Guilt and Anxiety around Food


Come January, many of us think about losing weight and getting healthier. In Food Freedom Forever, bestselling author and sports nutritionist Melissa Hartwig argues that, in order to make changes that we can sustain over the long-term, we need to change our relationship with food, as well as the foods we eat. In the book, she shares her practical, realistic guide to establishing that new relationship with food. True food freedom means being in control of the food you eat, instead of food controlling you. It means indulging when you decide it’s worth it, savouring the experience without guilt or shame and then returning to your healthy habits.


In her book, Melissa outlines a simple three-part plan that will help you to discover food freedom for yourself, keeping you balanced, satisfied and healthy, without requiring that you obsess about food, count calories or starve yourself. And all that energy you once used up obsessing about food – you can now focus it on more productive, enjoyable things.

food freedom

Take Control of your Life and get the Success you Deserve


If you’ve ever doubted yourself, allowed other people’s negativity to stop you from doing what you want or assumed that any success you’ve had in the past was just a case of luck, The Mind Makeover will help you transform your level of confidence and self-belief. It will show you how to move from where you are now in your life to where you want to be in the coming year. It’s your personal ‘how to’ guide, packed with easy-to-follow strategies for success.


The author, Sharron Lowe, is a success coach to global luxury brands – among them Chanel, Calvin Klein, Estée Lauder, Clinique, Parfums Christian Dior and Lancôme – and has spent thousands of hours coaching Mind Makeovers to the people who work for such brands, encouraging them to smash out of their comfort zone and stretch their perception of what they believed was possible. But this approach isn’t solely designed for business people – or indeed achieving career goals – anyone can benefit from this approach. The book includes lots of exercises to empower you, give you clarity and help you to release your true potential, increasing your chances of moving from where you are now to where you want to be. Essential reading for anyone who wants to make 2017 a year of transformation.

mind makeover