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How to Break Out of Your Comfort Zone

It is a lot easier said than done to break out of your comfort zone, especially the older we get, when we tend to be more settled and stuck in our ways. If you’ve ever doubted yourself, and allowed other people’s negativity or your own insecurities to take over, then CBT (or Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) is a great way to help you break out of your comfort zone. With the pressures of everyday life, financial stress, competition to be the best in your career, family dramas or whatever else it may be, it is not uncommon for people to feel an increase in anxiety. It can be difficult to know how to be more confident and shake away the feelings of knowing you want to try something new, but being too scared to do so. Making positive changes to how you think and feel will transform your belief in what is possible and will stop you wondering about how to try new things. But it doesn’t have to be scary or challenging – with just a few simple steps and knowing how to readjust your thinking, you’ll be waving goodbye to your old lifestyle and jumping on board to a new, more exciting life. So embrace the challenge and the change, as it’s time to set sail and see what else your life has to offer!

Embrace your inner child

For children, everyday is an opportunity to learn new and exciting things. Just like children, try to be more enthusiastic about things, embrace the day ahead and start it full of energy.

Laugh more 

Researchers have discovered the average adult laughs between six and eight times a day, compared to a young child who laughs over a hundred. With more enthusiasm, passion and commitment to the day, there’ll be more laughter.

Try something new 

Life becomes more exciting when you jump out of your comfort zone. But rather than trying to escape and run away from from something, this is more about pushing the boundaries. After all, when was the last time you tried something for the first time?

Take on the unknown 

Something new and unfamiliar needn’t be scary or make you fearful. But these feelings tend to take over the older we get, and in turn result in some adults becoming shy and stressed. Remember, you are capable of moving away from the zone and deserve to be happy!

Look back 

Stop and think back on a time when you came out of your comfort zone in areas of your life and it felt amazing. The thrill will certainly have outweighed the feelings of uncertainty and fear – so why not try it again?

Be creative 

Think of something that stirs your soul and gets you excited. This will help you wake up with positive energy and excitement for the day ahead.

For more tips and advice, read The Mind Makeover: the answers to becoming the best you yet (£13.99, Piatkus) by Sharron Lowe.