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Looking for a career change? Aliza Licht can help

Aliza Lichts Leave Your Mark is a mentorship in 288 pages for every stage in your career, whether you’ve just started out or looking to make that all-important career change. From intern to promotion to leading to social media, this is a cheat sheet for readers because, as Aliza says, ‘Why wait to learn something the hard way when I can teach you now?’


So, what can Leave Your Mark do for you?


Starting Out or Making a Career Change

[I’ll show you] what you’re supposed to do when you’ve made the wrong career choice and figure it out way too late, or how to get experience when you have none. I will show you how to suck your internship dry and interview strategically for the job of your dreams.

Attaining and Navigating the Next Stage

I will teach you how to assess if you’re ready for that promotion and how to negotiate it with flair. You will learn how to survive office politics and all the things you should never say to your boss. When you realise that you’re at a dead-end job, I will show you how to shift gears.

Being an Effective Leader

And when you’ve finally made it up the corporate ladder, I will share with you the merits of being a likeable, motivating leader.

Wielding Social Media: Advice from the woman behind Twitter phenomenon @DKNY PR GIRL

I will explain in detail how to use social media in creating your personal brand…because here’s the biggest secret truth: how you brand and market yourself can weigh just as heavily on your success as your actual skills do.

To Sum it All Up

But probably the most important thing that I will impart to you is that YOU are your own brand, and how you manage your personal brand can make or break your career.

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