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Connecting with your Future Self

Do you ever feel there should be more to your life? That there is something that you are meant to be doing, that you have a purpose but are not sure what it is?


If so, you are not alone. I have been working in the spiritual field for 38 years, mainly helping my clients with their questions about love, work, money and family. However, there has recently been a definite change in the sort of concerns my clients have.


In the last three to four years there has been a big surge in people arriving at my office saying, ‘I feel lost’, or ‘I know there should be more to my life but I am not sure what.’


Luckily, through my work as a natural intuitive using Future Life Progression (a process that uses a light meditative or hypnotic state in combination with a series of other techniques that allow the mind to travel forwards in time ), I can help them to find their own answers by taking them on a trip into the future and connecting with their Future Self


In the past people lived in survival mode, making sure that they were safe, with food on the table. Many people today have outgrown their present paths and are now ready to be and do more: they are moving into a new phase of being, becoming aware of how they create their own reality, that they are part of something far, far bigger, and have a contribution to make to the future of the planet and humanity. Using Future Life Progression, I tapped into my intuition and started to explore the future, where I knew the answers lay. I took trips 100 to 200 years into the future to find out what we will know then that we need to know right now. The answer came back very clearly: the key is universal energy.


After that it was time to look even further ahead, a thousand years or more: there we can connect with our Future Selves. Highly evolved beings who have the answers we need. As I connected with my own distant Future Self my life and my path opened up dramatically.


I found I could connect clients to their own far-distant Future Selves who could give them the guidance they needed. Soon my clients were finding the missing piece of the jigsaw: the part of them that is so much more than their everyday existence. For some it was a case of discovering what they needed to move on from – like difficult relationships or past emotional wounds. Others were shown where they needed to be, where their focus should lie, and how they could make the world a better place.


If you feel that your life could be fuller, happier and more creative, connecting with your Future Self will give you the insight and guidance to fast-track you forward to a better future. The book Create Your Perfect Future is packed with fascinating case studies and easy-to-use exercises that will help you transform your health, love life, friendships, career, wealth and, ultimately, your world.