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Can a coincidence lead you to your soul mate?

soul mate

In this extract from Soul Mates: Magical and mysterious ways to find true love, bestselling author Jenny Smedley reveals that apparent ‘coincidences’ can be the key to finding your soul mate:


I’m a firm believer in the power of synchronicity – a term coined by the well-known Swiss psychologist Carl Jung, to describe a series of events that seem to come together to form something meaningful to you.


I am convinced that there are very few pure coincidences in this world and my philosophy is that if you’re asked a specific questions and you get a sign that appears to present an answer, then it probably is one.


My experience has shown that we are constantly given signs in order to smooth our paths. The trick is learning to spot them and take notice. It’s a bit like when you get a new car, and suddenly, the same make of car seems to be everywhere you look, whereas you’d never noticed it before. So it is with these signs – once you become aware of them, you see them very easily and wonder how it was that you used to miss them.


You can call the bringers of these signs or messages angels, guides, your higher self, intuition or your imagination (which is just the creativity that comes from listening to your subconscious). In the end, it doesn’t really matter where you think they come from, so long as you take notice of them – the key is to be open. So if you get signs that might appear coincidental, just try following them. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by seeing what happens.


Signs can take many forms – here are some of them:

*You suddenly find yourself thinking of an old friends you haven’t seen in years, and then you bump into them, or they call you. If this happens, pay close attention to what they say, as your message may be contained in their words.

*A certain number or sequence of numbers might keep appearing to you – for instance, a clock or a calendar may show that number, and then a map reference is brought to your attention somehow and it contains the same number. You might wake up at that exact time. If this happens you can add the numbers together and perhaps consult an expert numerology to see what the total means. Or you can start to look for the number and literally follow it. I know one person who followed her repeated numbers to a date and a time and an address. This led her to a church and to her future partner who was sitting in his car outside, looking for someone to give him directions. This led to a dinner date and, in time, a marriage.

*Someone you once had difficulties with might suddenly appear in your life again, only with the roles reversed so that this time, you are the one with the power. If this happens, try not to take advantage of the situation, but think about what it might be trying to tell you instead. Listen to any clues in what they say to you when you discuss the past.

*Animals can bring you signs, perhaps through their behaviour or how many of them there are. Any unusual behaviour in particular must be noted.


Sometimes messages are like jigsaw puzzles and it might take many incidences to form a pattern that can be read and understood; other times they are as plain as day in their meanings. Take note of anything unusual, including dreams, because in time your scraps of notes may form one big, clear picture.


Jenny Smedley is a qualified past-life regressionist, author, TV and radio presenter, international columnist and spiritual consultant, specialising in the subjects of past lives and angels. Soul Mates: Magical and mysterious ways to find true love  is out now and available from all good retailers.