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Communication steps for your business


Use The Seven Levels of Communication to transform your business

Are you finding that traditional marketing and advertising is no longer working for your business? Do you want to explode your business by discovering new and powerful ways to connect with your clients?


Now you can, by joining the thousands of readers who have already transformed their businesses – and their lives – through the lessons in The Seven Levels of Communication by Michael J. Maher.


The Seven Levels of Communication is the self-published sensation which has taken America by storm. Written as an inspiring business allegory, the book tells the story of Rick Masters, a down-on- his-luck real estate agent who revolutionises his failing business through word of mouth and referral marketing instead of traditional paid advertising or personal promotion. By using the seven levels of communication as a guide, he learns to put relationships at the heart of his business and by doing so reaps personal and professional rewards far greater than he ever imagined.


In this short extract, Rick’s coach teaches him about communicating with business contacts and potential clients using the fourth level of communication – the Power Note:



POWER note: Personal, Optimistic, Written, Effective and Relational notes that build trust and get responses.


‘Okay now we’ve just a few minutes left, so let’s talk about those handwritten notes. Janice’s story at the conference impressed you, so I know you’ll be willing to try.’


‘Absolutely,’ Rick answered. ‘But I mean is there really all that much to it? I learned how to write a friendly letter when I was at school . . .’ As soon as he heard the words come out of his mouth, he knew it was a mistake.


‘Cockamamie!’ Coach blurted out. ‘If it were that simple all your drinking buddies would be doing it! Listen, there is a wrong way to do this, I promise you, I’m going to save you a whole lot of time and tell you how to do it right. You can either be thankful for that or we can end the call right now.’


‘No, no,’ Rick apologised. ‘I just didn’t get it, that’s all.’ Geez, he thought.


‘Okay, listen, this is important. Here are the 7 Steps to a POWER Note:’


Rick listened carefully and wrote:

7 Steps to a POWER Note:

    1.Use unbranded cards with a symbol or monogram that represents you. It’s a personal note.
    2.Use blue ink. It looks original and positive.
    3.Words – use you, but avoid I, me, my.
    4.Be specific in your praise. Identify and acknowledge a characteristic, a talent, a unique quality.
    5.Leverage the power of Positive Projection. Identify a personal characteristic you want to improve and express respect for others who possess that quality (happiness, wealth, balance, etc.).
    6.Write rightly – slope text slightly upward from left to right.
    7.The power of the P.S. Use a P.S. as a call to action: ask the recipient to take action such a emailing or calling.

‘Whom do I write these POWER Notes to?’ Rick asked.


‘Everybody you know,’ Coach answered. ‘Pick up a business card, look in your email, look in your database – find a person, identify a positive characteristic to acknowledge, and write the note. Write as many as you can this week – at least 50. Remember to write a compelling P.S., and your phone will ring.’


‘What do I say when they call?’ Rick asked.


‘You’ll know,’ Coach answered without explaining.


The Seven Levels of Communication is available to buy now from all good bookshops. It is also available to download as an e-book from all the major e-book retailers, so you can read it on your Kindle, iPad, Kobo, Nook or Sony Reader. To find out more, visit